David Schwartz   MSBA, MBA, MSc.

Senior Marketing and Business Management Professional

Brief List of Project Examples

    • Siemens AG

    Business Challenge
    A new approach to generating demand was needed to achieve the organization’s financial targets.

    Business Opportunity
    The company was mainly using a traditional sales approach, and there were numerous inefficiencies associated with the process.

    Strategic Approach
    Our team of marketing executives created a closed-loop marketing process that included the following:

    • Strategic business and marketing plans
    • Market opportunity and performance analysis
    • Product positioning using perceptual and preference mapping
    • Lead development and nurturing methodology
    • Inbound and outbound marketing strategies and tactics
    • Integrated digial marketing approach
    • Win / Loss analysis and customer retention programs

    Brief Summary of Outcomes

    • Over 5,500 “new” leads were generated
    • Pipeline growth exceeded $1 billion over a 3 year period
    • Measurable year-over-year win rate increase
    • Measurable year-over-year increase in customer satisfaction
    • Exceeded all key program metrics from CEO & CFO
    • Centric Marketing

    Business Challenge
    Jumpstart a new marketing pipeline with significant time and cost constraints.

    Business Opportunity
    Develop and test a new agile marketing approach.

    Strategic Approach
    Reposition the company’s offerings by greatly reducing operating costs while increasing the level of customer service.

    Within a 90 day window, there was enough new business to begin searching for independent sales and service contractors.

    • Centric Marketing: Innovative Pricing Engine

    Price Engine Platform

    I directed the planning and development of a proprietary pricing platform that reduced sales cycle time and increased the company’s win rate.

    Business Challenge
    To reduce sales cycle time and increase the company’s win rate

    Business Opportunity
    To increase profitability

    Strategic Approach

    • Negotiated a contract with a software development team
    • Integrated the platform with the company’s IT system
    • Linked the system to leading investors
    • Linked system to the sales portal
    • Interfaced dynamic pricing to our homepage / advertising


    • Achieved a 20% reduction in sales cycle time
    • Significant increase in throughput
    • Toshiba America

    Business Challenge
    Growing market share against top global competitors (GE, Philips, and Siemens).

    Business Opportunity
    To develop a new approach to delight customers and build long-term profitable business relationships.

    Strategic Approach
    Our marketing leadership team created a new customer marketing approach that helped the organization meet or exceed its market share and financial targets during each year of my employment.

    • Conducted a complete brand and performance audit
    • Conducted in-depth interviews with key executives and users
    • Developed new market penetration strategies and tactics
    • Developed and directed “Management Innovation” projects
    • Developed a comprehensive balanced scorecard
    • Integrated customer satisfaction and retention programs
    • Developed a comprehensive win rate performance program

    Brief Summary of Outcomes

    • Grew market share each year during the program
    • Achieved #1 industry ranking for customer satisfaction
    • Achieved a significant increase in our win rate (e.g. >5%)
    • Projects saved over $5M in expenses
    • Meet or exceeded all key program metrics from CEO & CFO

  • Business Startup:
    CMS was established to provide innovative marketing operations and services for a strategic business partner.
    Business Challenge
    Economic activity had greatly declined during and after the financial crisis of 2007-2008.

    Business Opportunity
    A strategic alliance was formed to rescue a failing business that was devastated during the financial crisis.

    Strategic Approach

    • Developed and executed a complete strategic turnaround plan
    • Created compelling company brand and branding elements
    • Created successful relationships with top industry partners
    • Developed an inbound call center strategy and approach
    • Implemented an SEO / SEM strategy to drive website traffic
    • Developed / implemented an effective pricing / CRM platform
    • Developed a digital “on demand” advertising / lead gen approach

    Brief Summary of Outcomes

    • The pipeline has grown from zero to $30M – 40M annually
    • Inbound strategy / approach increased efficiency by over 100%
    • Reduced sales cycle time by over 30%
    • Achieved an average year-over-year sales growth of over 150%
    • Advertising / lead gen approach has an average ROI of over 10x
    • Branding Experiment: PFS Incorporated

    Business Startup: 

    Pro Financial Services Incorporated (PFS, Inc.) was a new company brand that was designed to provide unmatched value in the online financial services marketplace.  A unique distributed sales and service model was developed to offer a highly competitive customer experience at a significantly reduced cost.  The approach provided a competitive price / fee advantage, which was positioned in select test markets for demand creation.  To help ensure the success of the company’s associates, investments were made in a proprietary pricing platform, lead management system, and digital marketing platform.

    • Global Marketing: Direct & Interactive Marketing
    • International ECHO Silver Award

    A comprehensive direct and interactive marketing campaign was developed to help Bing increase market share. The campaign included the following:
    1. Campaign objectives
    2. Situation analysis
    3. Marketing strategy
    4. Message strategy and creative executions
    5. Strategic media plan
    6. Evaluation plan

    • Comprehensive Brand Refreshing Campaign
    • Michigan

    A comprehensive brand refreshing plan / campaign is attached for review. The plan includes the following:
    1. Campaign objectives
    2. Situation analysis
    3. Marketing strategy
    4. Message strategy and creative executions
    5. Strategic media plan
    6. Evaluation plan

    • Strategic Market Research: Market Penetration Planning

    Market Research Project

    Management Decision Problem
    Management’s decision problem was to identify what Wendy’s should do to improve its service and brand orientation in order to increase their market share.

    Market Research Problem
    To determine the various needs of fast food restaurant patrons and the extent to which the current offerings are satisfying those needs. The attachment contains a snapshot of a portion of the project.

    Key Takeaways

    • Wendy’s is starting to outperform the competition
    • McDonald’s has weaknesses in its largest segment
    • Females in the 18-24 age group are ideal prospects
    • 6.4% of McDonald’s patrons are reducing their spend
    • The target consumer’s food preferences are evolving
    • Wendy’s has an opportunity to overtake Burger King
    • Website Traffic Project: Search Engine Marketing

    Strategic Marketing Project: Building The Initial Pipeline With SEM

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM) was used to position the company’s offerings next to dominant “higher cost” providers such as Citi, Chase, and One West Bank. This gave visibility to our competitive advantage, and it helped build brand awareness.

    Business Challenge
    The financial services market is extremely competitive and consumers are hesitant to trust unknown / new online service providers.

    Business Opportunity
    To build a marketing pipeline capable of achieving the company’s operating plan.

    Strategic Approach

    • Achieved a strong Google quality score
    • Leveraged the score to achieve a dominant position (SERP)
    • Linked SEM ads to extremely competitive offerings
    • Provided financial incentives for referrals
    • Guaranteed performance and satisfaction


    • Achieved an ROI between 2x and 5x from the SEM project
    • Significant increase in brand awareness, interest, and traffic
    • Highlights: Strategic Marketing and Media Plan

    B&N: Much More in Store Campaign

    Business Challenge
    Barnes and Noble’s floor traffic has significantly reduced, and the company is investigating new ideas to lift profits.

    Business Opportunity
    To motivate consumers to reconnect with their local Barnes and Noble store.


    • Situation Analysis
    • Target Audience
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Creative
    • Strategic Media Plan
    • Evaluation Plan